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Religious Science Studies With #CelesteFrazier - Episode 34

May 27, 2022 Wes Walker and Nick Zervas / Celeste Frazier Season 1 Episode 34
The Dumb Cool Weird Podcast
Religious Science Studies With #CelesteFrazier - Episode 34
Show Notes

Wes and Nick find out what Religious Science is and how #celestefrazier uses it in her everyday life and her struggles and travels.


A spiritual leader, Rev. Celeste began her Religious Science studies at Agape International Spiritual Center in California. She became a licensed practitioner and then went on to study at Holmes Institute, where she received a Masters's degree in Consciousness Studies. Celeste is an ordained Religious Science minister who has pastored three communities. 

Celeste has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drama from the University of Southern California. She has a background as an actress, director, and producer.

Celeste has written over a dozen scripts for the stage, television, and film. Celeste worked with Her script “A Dream Deferred” which garnered an award from the Black American Cinema Society and is available in the Special Collections of the Los Angeles Public Library. Her poetry, short stories, and essays have been published in various publications over the years. 

Rev. Celeste’s books, "Divine Work Play" and “In Spirit, In Love” are available on Celeste has been a contributing writer to several e-zines and spiritual magazines. She regularly contributes to her podcast Mystic Magic.


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