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Acting, LGBTQ+, and Movies With #JuanAyala - Episode 35

June 03, 2022 Wes Walker and Nick Zervas / Juan Ayala Season 1 Episode 35
The Dumb Cool Weird Podcast
Acting, LGBTQ+, and Movies With #JuanAyala - Episode 35
Show Notes

#JuanAyala joins the guys talking about #acting and #lgbtq+ and #movies 


Actor. Writer. Entertainment Journalist. Podcaster. Photographer. Book Lover. Amateur Chef. Coffee and Cocktail Aficionado.
I'm a man of many hats and MANY interests!

I became obsessed with music and singing when I was five years old and knew I wanted to do something involving entertainment. Being a first-generation American from a working-class, immigrant family, I didn't think that would ever be a reality. It wasn't until I had to choose a major in college that I decided to go all-in and start my path as an actor and entertainer.

Since then, I've worked on multiple network television dramas including ABC legal drama "For Life", and NBC's FBI thriller "Blindspot" as FBI Agent Woods from seasons three through five, as well as commercials for major brands, and worked in dozens of theatrical productions across my home state of Connecticut. 

I refuse to give in to the "starving artist" mentality or work as a waiter or bartender to get by (though there is NO shame in that!), so my day job is working as an entertainment journalist, podcast producer, and host of my two podcasts "Multicultural TV Talk" and "Actors With Issues".

Between the two, I've interviewed over 150 rising and established actors from film, TV, and Broadway, discovering their stories, and the lessons they've learned throughout their careers and gotten insight into the entertainment industry from their perspectives.

Having worked across multiple areas of entertainment, I'd love to share my many experiences and stories with you on your podcast. Hope to talk to you soon!


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