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Childhood Trauma With #KaciMyers - Episode 37

June 17, 2022 Wes Walker and Nick Zervas / Kaci Myers Season 1 Episode 37
The Dumb Cool Weird Podcast
Childhood Trauma With #KaciMyers - Episode 37
Show Notes

In this podcast, we discuss Childhood trauma with Kaci Myers and other things related to that.


Dr. Kaci, Speaking Freedom founder, is a devoted Mother, Published Author, Certified Life Coach (7 disciplines), Ordained Minister, Sex Educator, Civil Mediator, Intuitive Inspirational Speaker, Business Strategist, Advocate of Purpose, Philosopher of Soul Development, Visionary, Disabled Army Veteran, Radio Show Host, Publisher, Talent Consultant, and an extraordinary Community-based Life Enhancement Coach, who believes in Love, Faith and Enjoying Life while living out your Soul Purpose. She thrives on seeing people live their best lives while finding peace within being their True Selves and embracing their individual life's Journey.

Kaci earned her bachelor’s degree in applied management with an emphasis on Psychology in 2011 from GCU a division II Christian College located in Phoenix, AZ, where she resided for almost 2 years in an effort to assist with the startup of a satellite church. Kaci has worked off and on since being out of the army, holding positions at MCI, Department of Veteran Affairs as a work-study, GA Child Support Services, and the University of Phoenix as a Finance Counselor. Kaci has studied medical billing, human anatomy, Sex & Sexuality, banking and finance, Accounting, VA regulations and claims process, credit report and different strategies used to increase credit scores, Business Law, Personal Finance, Entertainment Industry Entrepreneurship, Civil Mediation and she started working on her master’s in psychology, before being redirected back to serving her community a Life Enhancement Coach while helping her children pursue their dreams. Kaci became a Certified in Life Coaching in October 2020, an Ordained Minister in August 2021, and Received an Honorary Doctorate in Psychology for Spiritual Human Behavior.  In 2022, Kaci became a registered Neutral/ Mediation Specialist in Georgia and is pursuing Domestic to assist families in their disputes. 

Kaci is now pursuing her purpose while using all her God-given skills, gifts, and abilities. Currently working on Good Head Group Interactive Virtual Learning Center, Love Gang Affiliation Program, producing audiobooks, classes, movie ideas, and dabbling in writing poems and music, but her passion is helping people. Kaci spends time freelancing as a creative contributor for new business ventures, accepting new clients for Speaking Freedom's Life Enhancement Program, and Bookings for speaking engagements.

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